Artist Alexander Salivontschik used to come for breakfast at the Franziskustreff when he had no home and hardly any money. He studied art at the Städel University. His art shows huge portraits which are made of thousands of encounters he has with people on the street.



Janita Marja Juvonen lived a big part of her life on the street – almost over 15 years. Janita was born as drug addict baby – her mother herself was drug addicted and unable to take care of the children. As a child, she was passed on from one foster family to the next. When she was 14 years old she ran away from her so-called home, an abusive adoptive family.
Janita is now 43 year old an owns her own apartment and a structured life. She works voluntarily as a social educator and gives free lectures about homelessness in schools and different institutions.


Individual stories for social media, fair and charity films for Franziskustreff Foundation. The aim is to create awareness that there is a unique story to each person in need.
Franziskustreff is a social foundation and non-profit organisation in Frankfurt, who helps especially homeless people. They offer a safe space, daily breakfast and on request social counselling as well.


CLIENT: Franziskustreff Foundation
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